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Top AI Tools for Marketing

Top AI Tools For Marketing to Boost Conversions

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Every business depends on marketing and advertisement in this digital era to get more revenue. Thanks to artificial intelligence, knowing insights into the market beforehand is viable. For such predictions and steps, a business needs practical marketing tools. 

So many top AI tools for marketing are available in the market today. But the first step in this regard is ‘social listening.’ Basically, it is the practice of analyzing the public’s opinion about any product to get critical insights about your brand, industry, competitors, or any other topics that may interest your business.

AI will act as a social listening tool that allows instant access to brand mentions across social media, videos, news, blogs, forums, newsletters, and more. After collecting this data, your marketing team is capable enough to build a strategy that will leverage your business activities and increase ROI.

How Top AI Tools for Marketing Elevating Performance and Drive Revenue?

Any business has a lot of tasks that need to be catered to at a single time. An entrepreneur or a new business owner cannot afford any default. Contrary to that, he can only do some of the tasks simultaneously. In such a scenario, Marketing tools help businesses most effectively. 

Some of the significant benefits are as follows.

  1. Automation of Tasks: Marketing tools help a business to schedule tasks in a loop. Now one doesn’t have to worry about repetitive tasks, and these tools will automatically launch them efficiently. These tasks include sending daily reminders, scheduling meetings, and other daily tasks. 
  2. Integrated Interface: One of the best marketing tool features is its integrated interface. A business cannot function on a single application or software. These tools will connect all the applications so that all the tasks will be done most efficiently. 
  3. Multi-Tasking: Some marketing tools are designed to do one task only, e.g., making content. In comparison, a business needs a tool that does multiple tasks. AI allows a single marketing tool to do many tasks simultaneously. This way, the marketing team’s speed will increase, and the results will be fruitful. 
  4. Adaptable: These AI marketing tools help businesses become flexible and adaptable with time and trends. The data collected in these interfaces will clearly show where a firm can improve or sustain itself. The relevancy with time is vital to getting successful now. 
  5. Ease of use and support: These apps are easy to install and quick to master, offering a mix of content and documentation to help you leverage all the features.

Most Useful AI Marketing Tools In the Market

Here are the top AI tools for marketing. These apps will help you reach your target audience, streamline your marketing workflows, improve your marketing campaign management, create SEO-optimized content, and track your results.


Jasper is a widely used AI tool that almost every marketing team uses. It will help you make creative illustrations and advertisements. Jasper can transform any raw image into a perfectly functional prompt that a business can use in all social media. 

Besides art, it can write perfectly balanced SEO-optimized content from a simple keyword. It can write a 1500-word article in just 15 minutes. There will be some grammatical or factual errors, but it can maximize work productivity. 

The inbuilt chatbot will answer your queries and can even run research on your behalf. Using Jasper, you can make product descriptions, Facebook ads, LinkedIn posts, blog posts, emails, marketing copy, Google ad generators, and many more.


Like its name, Personalize shows that it helps a business to know the actual feedback from organic customers. It will recognize the products or services people are interested in. For example, if you have 100 clients, personalize will list the top three favorite products of those 100 clients using AI machine learning algorithms and past behaviors. By identifying the perfect target audience, the ROI of any business will only increase. 

It is most convenient to use and install. Personalize will update the contacts’ data in real time so a business can know when to change a strategy to retain them. This tool shows a visible 25 percent increase in business growth and a 15 percent growth in customer retention.


World has now looked through the eyes of social media. A single picture or video of any product will revolutionize the marketing world. For such purposes, OCOYA offers all content creators the best services. 

For product marketing, It will suggest what kind of photo or video will succeed in a particular scenario. It has an AI-driven social media content creation interface. With a  vast library of templates for post images, it can also enhance cross-platform (like  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and TikTok) scheduling from one dashboard. 

OCOYA can also improve e-commerce integrations for creating product-based marketing assets. In short, with a single tool, you can create, improve, post, and boost multiple product posts to get more traffic and engagement.

Pictory AI

Pictory AI is nothing but a tech marvel in the world of marketing. Its user-friendly interface can transform any text or speech into a beautifully illustrated picture. Besides, you can edit your video by just using text commands. 

This tool is also helpful for all content creators, marketing teams, and advertisement departments. You can make short stories from long videos and create videos using stock footage, background music, and AI-generated voiceovers.

Other than videos, it can suggest perfect captions to increase engagement. In short, for any marketing or product advertisement campaigns, pictory ai is a must.


6Sense is another marketing tool that focuses on the target group that is giving the maximum revenue to the business. It focuses on the organic traffic on any website. Learning their behavior and pattern, the AI will use them to get more revenue. 

6Sense will record their time, interest towards any product, and purchase ratio in a specific period. By learning this information, they will send them reminders, personalized advertisements, loyalty points, and offers to retain. 

This AI can detect any change in their pattern as well. It will help a business improve in those departments and retain them for a long time. 

In conclusion, these top AI tools for marketing are changing the face of advertising in 2023. By utilizing these tools, marketers can simplify complex tasks, improve the efficiency of their operations, and ultimately drive more significant results. As technology progress, we can expect even more innovative AI solutions to emerge in the marketing landscape, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible. AIthinkbot has all the information about rapid changes in the world due to artificial intelligence. 

Besides some tools, most of the marketing tools in the market are expensive. But looking at the revenue margins, a business is okay with spending on effective marketing.

Advertisement and marketing are the first departments where AI showed its marvels. Since social media popularity, AI is helping companies to enhance their marketing perfectly.

Besides having hundreds of perks, it has some disadvantages as well. Sometimes it needs to give accurate factual information that may result in wrong predictions. Another limitation is an ethical violation, which uses the personal data of millions of users.

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