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How Can AI Help Climate Change to Save the World?

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Global warming and climate change need no introduction in recent years. A lot has been spoken and researched about climate change. According to recent statistics, the world will have to face 3 Degrees warmer than usual. 

It means more floods, longer droughts, and severe heat waves. Ice burgs are melting, natural resources are getting scarse, and people are suffering in uncertain circumstances. Amid the chaos, how can AI help climate change go in a better direction? 

AI is helping in so many ways in education, sports, science, and whatnot. Scientists are hopeful that with the right AI tools and data, climate change can also be solved. But right now, it is in its initial stages. As one scientist said, “AI is not a silver bullet.” 

How Can AI Help Climate Change?

Although climate cannot be controlled, we can take steps to know the pattern, forecast the change, find a solution, and then implement it so they don’t interfere with natural resources. Five basic steps are taken to detect the problem and gather data on climate change:

  1. To collect and complete complex datasets on emissions, climate effects, and more.
  2. To strengthen planning and decision-making.
  3. To optimize processes.
  4. To support collaborative ecosystems.
  5. To encourage climate-positive behaviors.

Since AI in climate change is still in its initial stages, we can only find out the problem and later implement the solution accordingly. 

How Can AI Actually Help Climate Change? 

All the tech giants are gathered to find a better solution for climate change. Government and scientists are eager to find a radical solution to face future destruction. Many climate change innovation AI grants are given in billions of dollars to find one solid answer to this problem. 

Here are a few tools and steps taken by tech scientists and the government to solve climate change issues.

Microsoft’s Planetary Computer

Microsoft spends a fortune on a computer that they call a Planetary computer. It is interlinked with all the geological data in the world. They gather the data from NASA, NOAA, and the European Space Agency. They also partner with the UK Met Office, the Chinese Meteorological Administration, and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The data can be translated into 37 languages. It acted like a search engine about climate destruction and its potential solutions. It can predict incoming floods, rains, heatwaves, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.  

In the coming years, we can use this search engine to implement better ideas in most affected areas distinctively.

Destination Earth

It is an initiative taken by the European space agency. ESE focuses on wildfire and its repercussions with this tool. Wildfires cost more than $500 billion to the world. It destroys precious wood along with hundreds of thousands of livestock and other resources. 

Destination Earth will help predict and focus on the forest’s most dangerous part. Other than that, it tells the exact data of resource allocation, human activities, and chances on drought in certain areas. ESE is keen on the world becoming a better place to live for humans and other natural resources.


Esri is another example that can predict any future natural disaster occurring. It is integrated with geographic information system (GIS) software that deals with digital twins. It means it allocates the physical assets and operations simultaneously. 

Esri is a database dealing with floods, their vulnerabilities, and the areas most affected. Using the data gathered by its database, the government and businesses can take preemptive steps the reduce the loss and save assets efficiently. 

In the future, through this database, entrepreneurs can allocate their resources and skills to a better place, less prone to natural disasters. Similarly, it can save humanity and the business world simultaneously.

Blue Sky Analytics

Based out of The Hague, Netherlands, Blue Sky Analytics is a website where that offers various services that can help to improve the environment. Some of their services are Monitoring and assessing water bodies, predicting fire events and their overall loss, air quality, electrification, and other similar nature services. 

With its data and predictions, we can tone down the activities in the affected area. It may not stop the upcoming disaster, but it helps humans to save precious assets and resources.

One Concern

One Concern is a USA-based AI company that examines land and building thoroughly. It has a quantitative approach to explore the building’s quality and resilience to face any disaster like an earthquake. 

It has a whole database to examine any building’s health and can tell its energy to face any fatal accident. Using this AI, the USA is building new establishments and installing necessary measures to reduce the loss.


Prospera is a USA-based company that helps farmers to increase productivity with the least wastage. It examines the crops, nearest water bodies, soil health, and other factors affecting agriculture. 

It can also avail on the phone so that a farmer can take help conveniently. In the end, through this AI, agriculture can reduce any insect attack, water shortage, or nitrogen emission effectively.


Another Australian-based company gathers information about the forest around the country. It helps to reduce wildfires, limit human activities, and other changes that can affect the forest. EXCI is working worldwide and is eager enough to stop deforestation, the deaths of livestock, and the destruction of natural resources. With the help of this AI, we can reduce our carbon footprint and make the world green. 

As far as it detects the number of carbon footprints, it leaves nearly six times more carbon footprints on Earth. So in the future, we must also take steps to reduce AI's carbon footprint.

The very first indication is much warmer weather. Along with it, cyclones, heat waves, longer droughts, and land slidings are the other factors affecting the Earth's climate. Climate change innovation AI grants a wide range of ideas and solutions to make this Earth better.

Global warming debuts in an 1875's paper, "Are we on the Brink of Global Warming." It was taken a joke for a long time, but now this 'now or never' situation makes people change their behavior towards climate directly.

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