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Bringing the Revolution in Blockchain with AI in Smart Contracts

AI in smart contracts

Artificial intelligence has a massive scope in every field of life. After conquering the conventional world, AI is now making its way into optimizing smart contracts as well. AI in smart contracts is a massive revolution in blockchain and cryptocurrency transactions. Before proceeding, it is essential to have a clear understanding of smart contracts. In […]

Understanding The Impact of AI in Cryptocurrency

AI in Cryptocurrency

Artificial intelligence is taking over the world at an immense speed. Besides the conventional market, it aims to peak in the crypto world. AI in cryptocurrency has made significant advancements and PwC further predicts that AI will add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030, proceeding with a 14% increase in global GDP. Moreover, […]

Top AI Tools For Marketing to Boost Conversions

Top AI Tools for Marketing

Every business depends on marketing and advertisement in this digital era to get more revenue. Thanks to artificial intelligence, knowing insights into the market beforehand is viable. For such predictions and steps, a business needs practical marketing tools.  So many top AI tools for marketing are available in the market today. But the first step […]

Big Data—The New Best Friend of AI in Advertising and Marketing

AI in advertising and marketing

Social media has evidently changed the whole concept of advertisement worldwide. The mainstream media have become irrelevant, while digital platforms and tools have become the main marketing source for enhanced ROI and public engagement. AI in advertising and marketing is old news, but with data analytics and statistics, it is reaching new horizons. The effect […]

5 Strategies to Elevate AI for Business Processes

AI for Business Processes

Artificial Intelligence is taking over the world. Tasks requiring so many hours are done in a few clicks and taps. New entrepreneurs and enterprises are eager to use AI for business processes. It speeds up their tasks and increases efficiency. Since Business operations have a peculiar method of processing data, it has to manage, curate, […]

How Can AI Help Climate Change to Save the World?

climate change innovation ai grants

Global warming and climate change need no introduction in recent years. A lot has been spoken and researched about climate change. According to recent statistics, the world will have to face 3 Degrees warmer than usual.  It means more floods, longer droughts, and severe heat waves. Ice burgs are melting, natural resources are getting scarse, and […]

What is Open AI Natural Language Processing and Why is it Important?

Open AI Natural Language Processing

Open AI Natural Language Processing is nothing but a marvel in data processing. But the primary question is will NLP comprehend enough like humans? Humans speak distinctively. They use synonyms, metaphors, sarcasm, joke, and many other factors to generate a sentence. Machines cannot translate the innate meaning of a few sentences. To cater to this, NLP uses […]

Understanding the Impact of AI in the Food and Beverages Industry

AI in Food and Beverages Industry

Ten years ago, no one would have believed that after a while whole of humankind will depend on something that is not human. Artificial Intelligence has been making news since the beginning. We have slowly seen its impact on every walk of life, and now the World Revolves Around AI.  Humans drive the food industry […]